Questions to Ask New Child Care Providers

by Michelle Lefrancois



  • Do you have space for my child?
    • If not, is there a waiting list and how long is it?
  •  How much is enrollment?
    • Paid weekly / monthly
    • Are there additional fees?
  •  Do you offer full-time and part-time enrollment?
  • How flexible are pickup and drop-off times? Is there a late pick up fee?
  •  Do you offer sibling discounts?
  •  Do I pay when my child is out sick or on vacation?
    • If in home day care – do I have to pay while you are on vacation?
  • How many children do you care for?
    •  What is the staff to child ratio?
  •  Are you licensed or unlicensed?

Fact: Community Day Care Homes (Licensed in home child care) in NB may be provided for a maximum number of children broken down as follows: (This includes the children of the operator)

  • Three Infants (up to age 24 months), or
  • Five children of the ages two to five, or
  • Nine children if they are all school aged and received after school care
  • Six children where the children are of the ages five and under and six and over, including those of the operator. (If there are six children at least one must be age six and over and no more than two under the age of 24 months


  • What qualifications or training does staff have? (Registered Early Childhood Education)
    • Does someone on-site have up to date CPR and First Aid?
    • What happens when the staff member is sick or away? Is there a backup caregiver?
  •  How do caregivers communicate with parents?
    • Phone / Email / Text
  • Can parents drop in at any time?
  •  What safety measures are in place?
    • Fire extinguisher, smoke & carbon monoxide detectors, first aid kit, safety gates and plug covers
  • Do you have a schedule of that you follow with the children throughout the day?
  •  What is your security policy?
    • Doors locked during the day, security cameras etc.
  • Do you follow the NB Early Learning and Child Care curriculum?
  • Do you have both indoor and outdoor play?
    • How much time is spent outside?
  • Is lunch and snacks provided?
    • If yes, What kinds of snacks and meals?
    • Is food prepared on-site or catered in?
    •  Are certain foods not allowed on-site? ex. peanuts or tree nuts
  • Can they accommodate special dietary needs if required?
  • Is there a dedicated space for naps?
    • What time and for how long?
  • What’s the Discipline Policy?
    • How are behavioral issues addressed?
    • Consequences, time outs

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