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After a highly successful 2 years of providing growing Fredericton families with unmatched doula services, Elm City Doulas are pleased to announce that beginning in 2018  we will be expanding our service area to Saint John, New Brunswick.

Families in Saint John can expect to have access to professional birth doula and postpartum doula services, the safest placenta encapsulation services in the city and a comprehensive prenatal education class.

Why decide to have an Elm City Doula at your birth, you ask? Our doula services are unlike any other. We work in teams of two to guarantee our services to you. We don’t believe in “on call” periods because we understand that babies don’t follow a schedule and can show up early and sometimes they show up late. You and your partner will have access to your doula team from the moment your contract is signed. We also work cohesively with your medical providers and the Saint John Regional Hospital nursing staff is highly anticipating professional doula support to arrive in Saint John. Our doulas recognize that the birth of your baby is a key life experience and we will always support the decisions you and your partner have made for the birth of your baby. We support a wide variety of births, from completely unmedicated to planned cesarean section births. Our birthing philosophy is simply to provide you with non-judgmental support during one of the most incredible times in your life.


You can continue to have support during the postpartum period. Our support doesn’t stop in the labour and delivery room. Saint John families will have access to professionally trained postpartum doulas for those precious early days at home. We are here for you during the day, evening and overnight. To read more about what your postpartum experience could look like with one of our doulas read all about it here.


Let’s talk placenta encapsulation. More and more families are choosing to encapsulate their placentas and for good reason! While there hasn’t yet been scientific studies done on the benefits of this practice, there is TONS of antidotal information available from the thousands of women who decide to use this service.

When a woman encapsulates her placenta, she can experience:

  • A boost in iron levels
  • Increased breastmilk production
  • Reduction in postpartum bleeding
  • Balance in mood
  • Increased in energy


Making the decision to encapsulate your placenta can lead to an overall more satisfying postpartum experience thanks to these side effects of ingesting your placenta. But there’s one extremely important thing to consider in all of this. Safety. Is placenta encapsulation safe? In a short answer, yes it is. But let’s consider the process of getting your placenta into these capsules.

The process of encapsulating a placenta should be done with a trained placenta specialist and it should be done in your home. Your placenta needs to be kept cold at all times, not contaminated in any way and it actually needs to be yours. Can you guarantee any of this if your placenta leaves your sight? Nope.

Our placenta specialist will come to your home with all of the equipment they need to perform a safe encapsulation. This is a two-day process but not to worry as your placenta specialist will only be there for approximately 2 hours each day. Each day they will begin by cleaning and sanitizing their work surface and finish by doing the same. Your placenta specialist has not only received a hands-on training on how to properly encapsulate your placenta, but they are also certified in bloodborne pathogen safety. This ensures that they are adhering to the safest standards in the industry. Elm City Doulas are the only placenta specialists in New Brunswick. Therefore, we are the only group that offers the safest placenta encapsulation province-wide.


We are also pleased to announce that our comprehensive prenatal class will be available to families who want a more in-depth, personal experience than traditional classes can offer. Both private and group classes will be available. You can enjoy a private class in the comfort of your own home or you can join our group classes. Both classes will be offered by an experienced childbirth educator.


Check out a few testimonials from past clients:

“I am thrilled to hear about this new service!! I had Melissa as my Doula and assisted me at my daughters birth. My whole pregnancy, I knew something was wrong, Melissa knew that something was not right. She prepared me for what was to be expected at the hospital, prepared me a birth plan. Everything was organized with her !  Everything went down smoothly ! Trust me, they are worth looking into. We only have a chance to birth a few times in our life time.. why not make it amazing !”

 Joleen D.


“Seeing my placenta being encapsulated in front of me made me feel reassured that it was being done safely. I appreciated this so much.”

Emily M.


“I attended prenatal classes today with my sister through Elm City Doulas and I wanted to let all expecting moms know that it’s well worth it in my opinion. It’s been 8 years since I’ve attended one, but it was just as informative as I remember. I’m very happy with how thoroughly they explained everything, and how they were very eager to answer everyone’s questions. I’m sure my sister feels a lot more prepared and hopefully more confident on what to expect in the labor and delivery process! I’m sure my sister feels a lot more prepared and hopefully more confident on what to expect in the labor and delivery process!”

Stephanie S.


The ever growing team at Elm City Doulas will be accepting clients in December with 2018 due dates for services in the Saint John region. Get our brand new digital magazine and reserve your doula team today! 


Melissa Arbeau, has nearly a decade of professional birthing experience and countless families served in the Fredericton and surrounding areas, Melissa has been considered an asset to have during pregnancy, labour and birth. Her passion and desire to help each family connect with their own birth choices without judgment or bias, has allowed the families who utilize her services have a wonderful birthing experience by bringing supportive and continuous support in the delivery room.

Melissa, a professional labour and postpartum doula, began her Doula career in 2009. She believes in continuing education and has since attended several trainings and is now a certified doula trainer and placenta specialist
    • Clarrissa Sheppard
    • October 7, 2018

    Hi there,

    I’m due with my first child in November of this year. (Due Date: November 20th, 2018). Im very interested in learning information about having a doula and love to speak with someone to see if this is something that would work for my current pregnancy. I’m located in Saint John, NB and would be delivering at the Saint John Regional Hospital.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    • Reply

      Hi Clarrissa, Congrats on your pregnancy! You can contact Elm City Doulas directly to have a chat with them. You can find their all their contact info on their website: https://elmcitydoulas.ca. 🙂

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