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Network of Moms began as a Facebook group in July 2016 with the purpose of bringing a community of moms together. In this short amount of time we’ve grown to over 10000+ members!

The reason why I started the group is because so many moms discover that after the birth of their baby their social network has changed. We are no longer interested in late night parties, but play dates that work around feeding and nap schedules. We need friends that won’t make us feel bad if we can’t make plans last minute due to a million different reasons that exist when you have children. While we may no longer spend as much time with our childless friends as before, having a network of friends is still so important, especially friends that understand what you’re going through and won’t judge your messy hair and mom uniform – yoga pants!

I met a mom at a local beach close to my home, our girls were playing together and she mentioned how none of her friends have children. My first emotion is that it made me sad as she looked lonely. I wanted to say “Hey let’s be mom friends!” and give her my number but didn’t want to seem too eager and put her on the spot. My goal for the Network of Moms Facebook group is to help break the ice and allow moms to network without feeling awkward. It’s a place to ask questions and lean on other moms for support and encouragement regardless if our kids are newborns, toddlers, school aged or teens.

The other component to Network of Moms is the website portion. Here my goal is to share important articles that will make your motherhood journey a little bit easier. Keep your eyes open for posts on what’s happening in our area and tips on everything from how to spend those rainy days together to inspirational stories from moms in our community.

If you haven’t been able to make it out to one of our play dates, don’t be shy, please drop by and say Hello!

Check out our Facebook group by clicking here. 

Update: I kept getting feedback that dads wished they had their own place to ask questions. I get it, dads have questions too. Not every dad out there has a partner, or the social support needed to raise their children, and even if they do, they still have questions. Dads are important too and there wasn’t a local group available for them. It’s time that changed, they deserve their own group, so Network of Dads was launched to fill the need. This is a dads only group and being managed by my husband Cristien Lefrancois. It’s only 2 months old but is already an active group of over 1000 NB dads! You can check out Network of Dads by clicking here.


Michelle Lefrancois was born and raised in the small town of Grand Bay-Westfield, NB. She graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a Business Degree in 2004. After graduation, she worked in the Finance and Banking world for 10 years before deciding to be a stay at home mom to her two young daughters. She’s the founder of Network of Moms and loves helping other moms connect. In her spare time, she can be found enjoying the great outdoors with her husband, 2 children and a chocolate lab named Lola.

Michelle Lefrancois

Michelle Lefrancois (Creator of Network of Moms)